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Gone Gaming!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

It’s never a dull moment. 

Today I started a new job as the director of global communications and development for SGN (SocialGamingNetwork) located in Palo Alto, California.

While, I never thought I would be working in Palo Alto, I find it to be a refreshing change from SOMA in San Francisco. If you live and work in the same vicinity, you never end up leaving. You have all of your morning meetings at Crossroads, you eat lunch at Café Central in South Park and get your nails done at Zaza. Well, maybe not all of you get your nails done, but you get the picture.

It’s exciting to be working with a fantastic group of smarty-pants and a CEO that has grander visions than just gaming. With the passion of a Bono, many SV-techies aren’t aware that Sherv built a house for homeless families in Afghanistan or  that he consistently donates to a variety of charities throughout the world.

Not to get warm and fuzzy on everyone, but I too, have a soft spot for social good and philanthropies, through my work with Girls in Tech and SmittenWithMittens. Hence, one of the main reasons I chose to work at SGN.Warm and fuzzy aside, SGN is really well-positioned to [continue to] make a huge splash in the social gaming space. Through the growth and “monetizability” of iPhone games, Facebook apps around the globe, SGN has just one place to go – UP.

Really looking forward to helping disrupt the social gaming space.



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