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Are Silicon Valley Girls HOT?

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Apparently they are . . . that is why the website or was created. This site, based on user votes, highlights Silicon Valley women ranging in race, educational background, career, and overall Silicon Valley stereotypes.

I guess, they hope to monetize this site by offering ad space, however, I don’t know how this site plans to keep user retention to justify long-term ad placement. People (most likely located in the Silicon Valley) will log on to vote for their favorite SV gal, once, twice, maybe three times and then will, most likely, forget about the site.

Maybe it’s a way for men to realize that there aren’t many eligible women in the Valley, and that if they’re looking to meet someone, they should relocate to LA or New York for more options. Or maybe it’s a way to create a little tech-Hollywood in SV, and highlight those women that are talked about in small nerd-herd circles. All we’re missing is the geek-a-razzi, the red carpet, product demo premieres and TMZ for Web 2.0 enthusiasts.

Hmmm . . . I’m not buying it. Engineers and designers should spend their time more wisely. Create a useful company that can make a difference within the non-profit, education, health, business sectors.


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