My iPhone App, Save Me!

December 11th, 2009


After attending several un-conferences, workshops, meet-ups and dinner parties in and around the technology scene in China, I decided that I had enough information to create a much-needed iPhone application for women in the tech industry, which often times makes up a very small percentage of the people at each tech event (we’re actively changing that through Girls in Tech, however). I entered the “Save Me!” app idea in a “build an iPhone app in 15-minutes competition” and with a glue stick, one piece of construction paper and a Sharpie, we came up with the following app:

Save Me! Ever been stuck at a bar, conference or any event getting hit on by that oh so persistent person with no escape in sight? If so, Save Me! can help you. It’s super easy to use – choose a mercifully short time delay on the app screen ranging from 5 to 15 to 30 seconds, and then press the “Save Me! heart”. In a few seconds you’ll receive a realistic fake call form your “office” allowing you to make your emergency-related excuse and exit the situation or conversation. The application ended up winning the competition by popular audience demand (and applause) so Reign Design decided to be proactive and design and develop the application in one day! It was released by Apple within a two-week period.

Save Me! is a concept application designed by Girls in Tech Founder and CEO, Adriana Gascoigne in 15-minutes and developed and published by Reign Design in one day! For more information about Save Me! visit the Reign Design website.

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