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TechWeb’s Alternative Events Group Announces Mashup Camp Silicon Valley

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Mashup Camp, produced by TechWeb’s Alternative Events Group, today announced an enhanced format, new program elements and a revised Web site for Mashup Camp Silicon Valley, to be held November 17-19, 2008 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. For more information please visit

The new Camp will showcase an improved format based on feedback received from the Mashup Camp community. The event is condensed to three intense days featuring new program elements like API Chalk Talks, as well as traditional favorites like SpeedGeeking and participant-driven unconference sessions. A revised Web Site reflects the renovations with improved functionality, design and navigation.

“The improvements we’ve made to Mashup Camp — largely based on what attendees have been telling us — stand true to the intimacy and attendee-driven content of our previous ‘unconferences’ for the mashup community,” said Alternative Events Group General Manager, David Berlind. “We expect Mashup Camp’s fresh program will be a driving force of innovation in what is becoming one of the most important software ecosystems.”

Mashup Camp Silicon Valley has proven to be fertile ground for VCs looking to invest in one of the richest mashup developer ecosystems around. Given how simple it is for non-developers to build mashups, Mashup Camp is also great for the general mashup-curious who want to come see how the mashup approach puts the power of software development into the hands of ordinary people.

TechWeb’s Alternative Events Group produces unconference-style and custom events like Mashup Camp where developers decide which application program interfaces (APIs) and development tools to use when building the next generation of Web applications. Such API and tool adoption ultimately determines which development platforms will succeed on the Web. The content of TechWeb’s Alternative Events Group is largely community-driven, with much of it created by the participants during the events, generating collaboration and idea sharing in an efficient and rapid format. Since the first Mashup Camp in February 2006, the Alternative Events Group has organized seven camps and has added a hands-on training component that allows vendors to present focused information about their APIs and other mashup solutions.



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