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Wednesday, October 8th, 2008, the leading online hub for social action, today announced its launch of the first blog network for social issues.  The network covers more than a dozen of today’s most pressing social issues – including global warming, genocide, and human rights – and helps mobilize people interested in these causes to take action.

The launch comes at the climax of an election season in which voters have expressed a deep desire for fundamental social change.  Candidates from both parties have embraced the rhetoric of change, but neither campaign has provided specifics about how Americans can get involved beyond Election Day to make change happen. is meeting this challenge by focusing the broad movement for change through the lenses of specific issues – providing fresh news and deep background information alongside tangible actions that people can take to have an impact.  To source these actions, has partnered with over 2000 of the world’s leading nonprofits – from Amnesty International to World Wildlife Fund – to identify the most effective ways people can get involved.

“Today we see millions of people across America passionate about change and getting involved in the presidential campaigns to help realize that goal.  This is incredibly exciting, but what happens after the election?” asked founder and CEO, Ben Rattray. 

“There’s a real risk of widespread disenchantment when the focus turns from bottom-up voter mobilization efforts to top-down governing in Washington.  We’re addressing this head-on by offering people a way to get directly involved in the issues they care about and to be a part of sustainable grassroots movements advancing change far beyond Election Day.” was started by two former Stanford classmates in 2006 and pioneered the use of social networking as a tool for social change.  In preparation for today’s launch, the company hired a team of bloggers – all experts in their field – to cover daily news, offer commentary, profile innovative organizations, and highlight powerful ways to get involved.  By fusing social media and activist tools with a content network focused on important causes, now offers a unique combination of daily reporting on issues and opportunities for immediate action.

“The surging interest in social causes and civic participation we see across the country has the potential to transform the way we address social problems,” said Rattray, “but too often there is a disconnect between that interest and outlets for action.  The internet offers the unique potential for bridging this gap, and I think one of its biggest achievements will be to serve as a platform for empowering broad-based social change.  With today’s launch, we’re one step closer to making that happen.”


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