15 minutes of fame

Well, actually, it’s a bit more than “15 minutes.” Video blogging is turning into a pretty big phenomenon. Well, I guess, more so for video tech geeks such as myself. I have been video blogging for over a year now with outlets such as AlwaysOn, BuzzShout, GUBA, YourTrumanShow, Bubblicious . . . to name a few. I really enjoy it, because it’s a really mobile, convenient, granular approach to disseminating information to laptops across the globe.

The production quality is usually less than perfect, the hosts don’t have perfect hairdos, outfits or makeup, yet, there is an evolving online production value to video segments that is addicting to watch. For instance, below are four video blogs that I watch on a daily basis, if new content is available:

Yahoo 9 - everyone that knows me understands that I’m literally obsessed with this vlog. It’s cool, hip, entertaining and Maria Sansone is extremely capable, articulate and handles herself well. It’s a daily must!


WebbAlert - this is a very up and coming tech/gaming news vlog. It’s very informative and aggregates blog entries and stories from the whole webosphere, so that people don’t miss a beat when it comes to getting their news.


Wallstrip - the format of this video blog has changed a bit since CBS acquired them, however, I still enjoy watching it. The premise of the vlog is highlighting companies that are doing well, not so well and that are downright controversial on Wall Street. The host, Lindsay Campbell is smart. Not silly, giddy or caddy. Just plain ol’ smart. Very unique in the video blogging world. Oh, also, she doesn’t care about making a fool out of herself, and I can highly respect that.


JetSetShow - this vlog is like an urban alternative to getting web news and stories focused on pop culture and entertainment. What I really like about this show is the editing and goofy cuts. Kudos to the producers and of course to Zadi for making the show so SASSY!


That’s the run down of my absolute favorite vlogs. Sorry Rocketboom. Your show ‘could’ be on my list, however, your content is boring and just doesn’t cut it. Now that Amanda Cogdon has left ABC.com, maybe she’ll go back to you guys . . . ya never know . . .

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  1. Jeff Marks Says:

    Thanks so much or showing the Wallstrip love! Just curious how you think we’ve changed since CBS acquired us? - Jeff Marks, Exec Producer and Co-Founder, Wallstrip

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Jeff. Thanks for your message. To answer your question, I think your show’s format has become more like a “skit-com.” There is more out of studio filming, content and less straight-forward reporting. I really like that format though. It’s really fun and it mixes it up a bit. All of the other vlogs listed in my blog post are usually in-studio bits. I’d love to be kept in the loop on how the vlog is evolving. I will continue to promote you guys on the West coast and on my blog. Kudos!

    BTW, we just launched my vlog - Bubblicious: “True Silicon Valley Stories.” We’ll have more interviews up next week.

  3. Maria Sansone Says:

    Hey!…I Googled for maria sansone, but found your page about 15 minutes of fame…and have to say thanks. nice read.

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