Feel the funk

I’ve always thought of myself as a cartoon or a goofy character on some Saturday morning show. I mean, I’m silly, love to laugh, tell jokes, smile, and be stylish, just like cartoon characters. Well, at least, that’s what I think. With the growing popularity of avatars, it’s no wonder that a company, BeFunky, created something called a “Uvatar.” The name sounds like an alien from outer-space, doesn’t it? “Uvatar from the planet Uva-tus.” The Uvatar is basically an illustrated representation of you. The BeFunky team decided to draw people’s faces for free and integrate them with the existing avatar application samples.

According to the BeFunky website, it all started with IamCartoon where you submit an order with a photo of yourself and their artists draw you in 72 hours. You can also add notes (i.e. Make my shirt blue, remove my glasses etc.) for the artists to consider while drawing and add personalized messages to the cartoon.

The BeFunky team also created a cool application called, “Cartoonizer” where the user re-creates images or videos by turning them into digital paintings, cartoons and comics in just a few seconds without downloading any software.

BeFunky is a splendid mixture of cartoon art and “finger-tip” technology.

Get funky y’all -



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