Join Me at Girls in Tech’s Inaugural Catalyst Conference

“Catalyst Conference” catalyzes the career development of women working in high-tech. By offering high-level keynotes and discussions from successful women at the top of their game alongside workshops led by experts in innovation and collaboration, the Catalyst Conference enables & propels women to take the next step, whether they’re launching a venture, making waves in the corporate world, looking to join an innovative startup, or building their online and digital-media media brand.

Catalyst Conference will bring over 350 passionate, creative women together to fuel new relationships and ideas. Come prepared to share concrete technology and business tools and tactics, meet energetic leaders and entrepreneurs, and develop your own business ventures. This conference is for women at the top of their industries as well as those leading their first ventures, and will guide them all in discussions of strategy and success.

·      Learn how to catapult your career in technology through workshops and presentations from top, successful women in tech

·      Network with over 250 eager and influential women in the tech industry

·      Understand industry trends, what models are working and what models aren’t working

·      Promote your ideas and your company to a group of very targeted women in tech

·      Learn how you can create change by using the web tools and platforms available for developing nations

·      Participate in the Girls in Tech + pitch contest

To register, please use the following link: REGISTER

For more information on the Catalyst Conference, please use the following link: INFORMATION



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