Glubble Partners with a Favorite Childhood Mag - Highlights!

 A site that I don’t know much about, however seems compelling if you have young Internet surfers in your household - Glubble, is a leading online activity center for families with children under 12. They are partnering with Highlights magazine, the best-read children’s magazine in the nation, to encourage parents to get more involved in the online lives of their children 12 and under.Starting October 16th, Highlights and Glubble will invite parents to take a survey exploring their children’s online activities and parental involvement at Results will be published early November. Information on safe surfing will also be shared with Highlights subscribers and Glubble users, and be made available to the public at large.

Christine French Clark, editor in chief of 
Highlights magazine and Highlights High Five magazine, said: “The Internet, which opens up worlds of information, fun and skill-building activities for kids, isn’t a safe place in which to simply turn young kids loose. Parental involvement is key in helping our kids grow to be wise users of technology.”

Willem-Jan Schutte, CEO of Glubble added: “Just as responsible parents select which books to read to their children and decide which TV shows their children can watch, Glubble encourages parents to extend that level of parental involvement to the Web.”

Glubble turns playing and surfing on the Internet into an experience that is fun for the entire family, and makes it easy for parents to be involved with their kids’ online learning and discovery. With Glubble, parents with children under 12 can create a personal Kids Page for each child and pre-approve the Web sites their children can access from thousands of games, kids-safe and fun Web sites, printable coloring pages, downloadable Play Art toys and educational exercises. And parents can easily add more Web sites at any time, from the Glubble content library or any site on the Internet, so Glubble grows with the interests of children.

Glubble’s new social networking features include secure chat and message posting, picture sharing, and a family events organizer. These tools teach children best practices for social networking in a safe environment and serve to enrich the most important relationship of all family.
Highlights for Children launched their first web page for children in 2003. The site, which offers interactive Hidden Pictures, games, puzzles and Highlights articles, was the first recipient of CARU’s Safe Harbor Seal. 

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