Ad:tech - one big cluster $%#^

In my opinion, there are WAY too many conferences covering tech this and tech that . . . one of the most tedious and “salesy” conferences is Ad:tech. I would never want to step foot in the Ad:tech expo (or shall we say “zoo”) because there are too many sales people from all of the globe whizzin’ around schmoozin’ and boozin’, talking about the same ol’ thing, wearing the typical blue button down and black slacks “uniform” (I didn’t get the memo).

I think that the ONLY thing Ad:tech brings to the table is having ’some’ of the dealmakers or decision makers in one city at the same time. My suggestion is to plan one-on-ones around the conference and not even step foot in the expo. You’ll get your ear talked-off and get schwag thrown at you, which you will eventually throw away or give to a homeless person on the way to yo

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