Sitting on my roots

After reading the Nov. 9th San Francisco Daily Candy email, I felt an extreme urge to “sit on my roots.” The entry was highlighting a woman by the name of Lorena Zertuche and her popular, modernly artistic creations of Mexican furniture art, Lolo’s Muebles.

My mother, born and raised in Mexico City, always taught my sister and I how important it was to remember where we came from and to celebrate our roots whenever possible. The Mexican culture is filled with a wealth of color, art, mysticism, religion, values, spice and life. Something that we don’t usually absorb on a day-to-day basis in the US.

After viewing Lorena’s “Lolo Muebles” oh so entertaining website, I had a quick flashback to my childhood, engulfed with Abuelita’s chocolate, mariachi’s, quinceneras, pinatas, and tamarindo. Gracias!

As illuminated in Daily Candy, inspired by trips to her family’s ranch in Durango, the designer was influenced by distinct patterns, different fabrics and exotically colorful prints. She likes to work with patches, and swap items like chair legs with cowboy boots. Cute idea!

Focusing on restoring older pieces from the 30’s through the 70’s, Lorena’s array of beautiful, amazingly rich, home-grown furniture can be found in San Francisco’s Mission District. It’s like being in a Mexican folklore museum and furniture store all in one.

Viva Mexico y Viva Lorena!



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