Welcome Girls in Tech 2.0!

It’s been quite a long and arduous road. A commitment much like a marriage, or at least like a relationship. True rewards are a result of really hard work and I’m happy and honored to announce our new website, a la 2.0, is up, running and looks absolutely mahhhvelous. I hope that you’ll like it as much as I do.

Girls in Tech is a project that was built off of a passion and a need to solve a problem. Women and girls of all ages need to come together to break the glass ceiling and challenge themselves to achieve success in math, science and tech oriented majors, excel in a job within with the tech space or become the start-up entrepreneur that they’ve always dreamed of.

The way I look at it, 2009 is the “Year of the Woman.” A year of opportunity, a year to achieve our dreams and aspirations, but most importantly a year of mentorship, collaboration, education and networking. It’s a time when high school girls can be proud of being that “math nerd” or female university students can excel and obtain high marks in their engineering courses (even if 90% of the students are male - we can change that.) or in such a male-dominated industry, women can take that leap of faith and enter into that job with full confidence, knowledge and know-how, even if they are one of 10 women in a workplace of 100 people.

Call me an eternal optimist, however, I think that this is all achievable - together, united, and unselfishly helping and empowering each other and those next generation of leaders in your community, in your workplace or at school - that will change the world.

I would love your feedback on our new site. Please visit us at http://girlsintech.net and be sure to become a member on our Facebook group:

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