Benefits to a Career in Digital Media and My Word of Mouth Campaign

So, as many of you already know, my career started out in a traditional PR capacity, sending out bulky press kits, faxing press releases to reporters and using the severely-outdated Bacon’s media resource (the book version, not the online version). Over time, my PR career slowly evolved to working in social media, word of mouth marketing and digital and interactive design. I absolutely love it and for those of you out there that are questioning this path to your future career, my recommendation is, “do it!”

The benefits to a career in digital media, social media or word of mouth marketing include:
•    Autonomy
•    You get to use cool, new web tools
•    Easy to become a “web 2.0 influencer”
•    Make an imprint on the social web
•    Work with cutting edge vendors
•    Educate brands and corporations that are willing to take risks
•    Become an expert, fast
•    Make yourself a valuable resource
•    Have more of an impact on the company or clients you are representing
•    Work in a creative environment
•    Personalize your work
•    Learn a lot as you progress in your career
•    Mix and mingle with some of the most innovative minds of our time

Since I’m an enthusiast, I wanted to create my own word of mouth campaign and share some of my favorite brands with you:

-Tory Burch (everything)
-Flipcam (the new HD)
-PotteryBarn (Bob Mitchell series)
-Papyrus (stationary)
-Lancome (everything)
-Apple (everything)
-Intel (PC Classmate)
-Method (all cleaning products)
-Mitchell’s Ice Cream (Vanilla Bean)
-Pete’s Coffee (Mocha, w/whip)
-Virgin America/Virgin Atlantic (all flights to anywhere and Richard Branson)
-Canon (Powershot 850 SD)
-Samsung (40 inch LCD TV)
-Adidas (running shoes)
-Sonicare (vibrating toothbrush)

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