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Ahhhh . . . Black Friday, Cyber Monday . . . the joys of shopping during the Holidays with mass amounts of people. Screw that! I live a life of Cyber 365. I’m intrigued by all of these subjective fashion sites popping up left and right. Some focused on user-generated content and uploads others based on quality manicured and produced articles, videos and ads. All of this is peechy keen . . . however, I WANT a site that has it all - An ultimate resource for clothes, designers, shopping trends, art, lifestyle, commentary and just about anything revolving around the existing global fashion culture. offers users with the opportunity to search, learn and excite themselves with information on up and coming artists, designers, boutiques, shows and where and how to purchase clothes online. This site also offers content in Spanish and allows users to subscribe to specific feeds based on their interests - hip hop, luxury culture, show studio - to name a few.

I’m sick and tired of brick and mortar. I’m glad that shopping is evolving to an online phenomenon. It would be cool to have a virtual sytlist and be able to contact designers in a real-time, iChat format - hint hint*

Gotta love it. Check out the site when you get a chance. You won’t be dissapointed.


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