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Monday, January 21st, 2008

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Ever wanted to see what your friend in London is up to, whether or not your favorite Argentinian soccer team is winning, or watch the most popular festival in the world - Carnaval in Brazil - live?

It’s crazy to think it possible, but with LiveLook a real-time, outdoor webcam service you can be anywhere, anytime of the day. This live video sharing site supports a variety of geolocated webcams that provide Internet users hours upon hours of live coverage in their own country and around the world. LiveLook also allows users to upload their own videos, share webcam coverage, and add their personal webcams to the system.

It’s a simple site featuring a blog, a widget application in case users want to embed it on their own website or blog and LiveLook offers a map, search and “MyLiveLook” profile page where users can save their favorite webcam locations, coverage and clips.

This site is genius. It allows people to be anywhere and everywhere at any given time through the convenience of their laptop. It’s like on steroids. Ha ha!