The Connection Between Good Dates and Electronic Cigarettes

Dating is already really hard. Not only do you have to find someone who is willing to go out with you, but whom you also want to spend more time getting to know, the two of you are going to have to decide how fast you want to go, what kind of relationship you are going to be in, and a million other things that makes dating complicated. Every year it seems like finding a date become increasingly difficult.

Dating when you aren’t a smoker is bad enough, but if you enjoy cigarettes, your dating options become even more limited. The reason for this is because most non-smokers can’t stand to be around individuals who smoke, and if they don’t want to hang out with a smoker, they certainly aren’t going to want to kiss you.

Even if you are lucky enough to find a non-smoker who is interested in going out with you despite your smoking habit, you’ll find yourself under a great deal of stress. The more you like the person, the more you are going to find yourself worrying about how long before you date you can enjoy a cigarette and still have enough time to get cleaned up so they won’t smell smoke on your breath and clothing. During those awkward little moments all new couples encounter, you won’t be able to reach for a cigarette to help calm your nerves.

The stress of trying to manage your smoking habit and maintain a romantic relationship is not going to be good for your nerves. You’ll find that you become irritable and you’ll be so busy thinking about not being able to smoke, you won’t be able to give your date your full attention. More often than not, this causes your relationship to fall apart.

Electronic cigs are just the solution you are looking for. They will provide the nicotine you need to calm your nerves enough that you and your date can enjoy one another’s company, but they don’t provide the obnoxious smell that is such a turn-off to non-smokers. The water based vapor that you will be exhaling is completely odor free, and it doesn’t cause your companions eyes to burn and sting the way that the cigarette smoke does. You can smoke during the date and not have to worry about it being offensive to your date.

Another way that the electronic cigarettes are going to subtly improve your dating life is they will give you more money. Smoking is a really expensive habit. Just making the change from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes will put thousands of dollars back in your pocket which you can use to pay for some really memorable dates.